About Us

At Do the Damn Research! we aim to answer the big questions in natural history, like: how did we get here and what the hell is that? Human history, such as: what did they do that for and what on earth were they thinking? And the history of ideas: who came up with that crap and what the heck were they on about?

We tackle intellectually heavy topics with a lighthearted approach and we Do the Damn Research! All articles are sourced and cited, so you can do your own damn research as well!

We will also be running a blog, chronicling our trials and tribulations in creating an animated YouTube channel, due to launch in winter 2019. (Read more here). So you can laugh at, and learn from, our mistakes!


Dale Daykin

Dale is a former teacher, who loved teaching and writing but hated admin. So, he decided to just fuck the admin off and focus on the writing and teaching part. He also likes to swear a lot and apparently that isn’t professional.

Ben Foley

Ben is good at making pretty pictures with pixels and would be capable of achieving anything, if he was only willing to apply himself.

Nathan ‘Trav’ Evans

Trav knows many things…except where he is and what he is supposed to be doing. Occasionally, he is lucid enough to do some editing or analytics.