Our YouTube Channel: The Who, What, Where, When, Why and How…

Everything you need to know about our YouTube channel!

Who are you lot again?

Do the Damn Research! is made up of writer Dale Daykin, artist/animator Ben Foley, and editor/analyst/team mascot Nathan ‘Trav’ Evans. Read more about us here!

Okay, what the hell is this channel going to be about?

It’s an educational entertainment channel, where we will release short, animated, videos using a pixel art style. Much like on this website, we will attempt to tackle big themes and ideas by making them accessible and using humour.

Can you be more specific?

The show will be broken down into seasons, based around a subject and theme. e.g. Science: The Great Theories, which would have episodes on things like The Big Bang and Evolution. Or Philosophy: The Eastern Tradition, where we might examine Confucianism and the Tao. Subjects, like science and philosophy, will come back around but the topic or theme of a season will always be different.

(The examples above are just that: examples. Although we may make them in the future, they are not in our immediate plans…we gotta keep some stuff up our sleeve, y’know?)

How do you even go about making something like that anyway?

No idea, we’re just winging it…wait no: a lot of trial and error and a willingness to learn from your mistakes. That sounds better. Also, we have a process: Dale and Trav research, Dale writes, Ben and Trav read, Ben and Trav tell Dale why his writing is shit, Dale writes again, Ben makes pictures out of pixels, Dale moans at him to go faster, we all record, Trav edits it all together.

Why do you think this is a good idea?

Because we hate our jobs and we’re full of hubris…also something about this being a way we can realise our passions, pursue our interests, build a community, yaddi-yadda.

Meh, sounds okay I guess…when should I tune in?

We are aiming to release the first season in winter 2019. Which, we know, sounds like a long way off buuuuuut…there’s a good reason for that! We need to create 3 seasons up-front to keep up with a regular release schedule from that point on. We are going to bring out some teasers in the meantime and we plan on dropping all 6 episodes of Season 1 together, to make up for the delay!

And where did you say can I watch this?

Well, it’s a YouTube channel, so on YouTube, obviously. However, if you would like to pre-subscribe, so you don’t miss a thing when we finally go live, you can do so here. We also plan on posting videos on this website (follow button below) and on social media (links at the top of the page).

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